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Featured products

18K White Gold Overlay Tennis Bracelet with Clear SWAROVSKI Elments

26 Beautiful solid crystals made by Swarovski are embedded in a stunning 18k White Gold Overlay bracelet. The perfect gift for any occasion.
£58.00 incl tax

Classic white freshwater pearls necklace

A classic white pearl necklace never goes out of fashion and would be an ideal gift for a bride or bridesmaid, a birthday or a graduation present.
£95.00 incl tax

Diamanta Bracelet with Swarovski Elements

Simply stunning.Classic diamante bracelet with Swarovski Elements
£70.00 incl tax

Reflection gold bangle

Gold-plated sparkling crystal bangle
£72.00 incl tax

Violet flower-drop pierced earrings with Swarovski Element

Violet sparkly flower-drop pierced earrings made with Swarovski Element
£68.00 incl tax

Violet loveheart pendant with Swarovski Element

Bright sparkly violet loveheart pendant made with Swarovski Element
£72.00 incl tax